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Our natural products are the first initiative in high standards. They are granted as important additives in medicine, spice, cosmetic, wine, foodstuff, and photo-sensor appliance industries. Therefore ,our products are the best choice among other similar products; in addition, we offer a new direction for manufacturing natural guaiacol products in China.

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  • Address: Zhongfu Industrial District, Nanshan Town, Changting Country ,Fujian Province, China

  • Postal Code: 366302

  • Contact: Mr zhao

  • E-mail:

  • Web Site:

  • Telephone: 0597-655 7320 /13605932066 /13602516480

  • Fax: 0597-655 7318

  • Bank Name: Chang Ting Subbranch Bank ,Bank Of China

  • Accounts: 02524808093001

  • Tax Number:350821611210429


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