AIDE (Chang Ting) Chemical Co.Ltd., is the sole-proprietorship, foreign enterprise of Hong Kong Oitak (Holdings)Investment Company Limited. The technical force is ample to the corporation production equipment first-in, and possesses one crowd of senior professional skill personnel, and has pledged the stable of product quality. After investing enormous human effort and resources in manufacturing, we have overcome the technical difficulties that we faced. We use the local natural resources to invent serial products of natural guaiacol. In 1998, the production technologies of natural guaiacol had already obtained a national patent (national patent registration number ZL 93 1020220 and international patent categorical number C07C43/23). We have a spacious plantation, which can produce 200 tons of serial guaiacol products per year; moreover, the qualities of the products meet with international standards.

    Our natural products are the first initiative in high standards. They are granted as important additives in medicine, spice, cosmetic, wine, foodstuff, and photo-sensor appliance industries. Therefore, our products are the best choice among other similar manufacturing natural guaiacol products in China. The corporation possesses one high character and is familiar with the trade in home and abroad , and the thing cargo and document as well as the specialty troops of finance aspect knowledge , and the stable good trade relation has been built in the customer of last five continents more than ten nations and districts as well as internal multitudinous production trade with the world , and the product is sold goods to distant places the Europe and America , the Middle East , and Southeast Asia , and widely the favorable comment is received .

    Company has been improving our service unremittingly, and focusing on the management of product quality so as to provide customers with good service. Company would like to establish long-term, steady and mutually beneficial trade cooperation with numerous foreign traders.

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