Natural  Guaiacol

Another Name 2O-Methoxyphenol
Registered Numbers GB/T 14156-93(I 1114); FEMA 2532;CAS 90-05-1
Molecular Formula C7H8O2
Molecular Weight 124
Structural Formula


    Natural Guaiacol is white or slightly yellow and is transparent oily liquid or crystal, with sweet scent. The boiling point is 205℃,flashing point is 82.2℃,melting point is 27.9℃,specific gravity is () 1.112-1.143 and the refraction rate is () 0.828.Natural Guaiacol is slightly soluble in benzene and water, and easily soluble in glycerin. Also, it can be mixed in ethanol and most of the non-evaporative oils.

Production Method:

    Nature Guaiacol is extracted from natural tree oil

Quality standards:
    1. Appearance: White or slightly yellow and is a transparent oily liquid or crystal
    2. Content: 95%-99%(Chromatography)

    The regulation of China GB2760-86 has approved that Natural Guaiacol can be applied to eatable spice .Moreover, it is suitable to be produced in vanillin, sandalwoods products,beverages,candies
And roasting food. With the usage in medical industries, Natural Guaiacol can be produced in Guaiacol sulfonic acid potassium, musk, adrenolytic and antitussive drugs as well as antipyretics. Therefore, Natural Guaiacol is also useful resource to medical industries.

Recommended Dosage:
    FEMA (mg/kg) Soft drinks type 0.95,cold drinks type 0.52,roasting food 0.75and sweetmeats0.96.

    200kg/ zinc plated bucket;
    25kg/plastic bucket.

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