Natural 4-Methylguaiacol

Other Names 2-Methoxy-4-Methyl Phenol
Registered Numbers GB/T 14156-93(I 1110); FEMA 2671;CAS 93-51-6
Molecular Formula C6H10O2
Molecular Weight 138.16
Structural Formula


    4-Methylguaiacol is transparent to slightly yellow oily fluid. With condiment fragrance, cloves, vanillin and tobacco scent, a little bit of bitterness, a melting point 5.5℃, a boiling point220℃-222℃, a flashing point 99℃,relative density()1.098,refraction rate()1.5353 and slightly dissolvable in water. It is also dissolvable in ethanol, aether, chloroform and vinegar acid.

Production Method:

    4-Methylguaiacol is extracted from natural tree oil.

Quality standards:
    1. Appearance: white or slightly yellow oily liquid
    2. Content:﹥= 95%-99%(Chromatography)

    The regulation of China GB2760-86 has approved that 4-Methylguaiacol can be applied in the spices of foodstuff with strong sterilization, antiphlogistic, antiseptic and deoxidization function. In the application of medicine,4-Methylguaiacol can be used for sterilization and anti-inflammation; it is especially effective in curing various dermatoses and gastrointestinal diseases.4-Methylguaiacol is not only a good additive for itch relief, but it also helps increase the skins absorption of oxygen in order to accelerate metabolism. Since 4-Methylguaiacol is provided with natural scent; it is a favorable additive in cosmetic industries. As a result, 4-Methylguaiacol is multi-functional in food and daily commodities additives.

Recommended Dosage:
    FEMA (mg/kg) Soft drinks 10-21, ethyl alcohol drinks 0.02,cold drinks 0.05,sweet 0.77,roasting food 1.0,forage 10and daily commodities 10.

    200kg/ zinc plated bucket;
    25kg/plastic bucket.

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