Natural  4-Ethylguaiacol

Other Names 4-Ethy1-2Methoxyphenol
4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxyethy1 Benzene
Registered Numbers GB/T 14156-93(I 2436); FEMA 2436; CAS 2785-89-9
Molecular Formula C9H12O2
Molecular Weight 152.19
Structural Formula


    4-Ethylguaiacol can be colourless to slightly yellow liquid with condimental smell and distinctive soy scent. The boiling point of 4-Ethylguaiacol is 230℃-232℃; the refraction rate is1.525-1.530 and relative density is1.061-1.064.

Production Method:

    4-Ethylguaiacol is extracted from natural tree oil.

Quality standards:
    1. Appearance: colourless to translucent yellow oily liquid
    2. Content: 96%-99%(Chromatography)

    The regulation of China GB2760-86 has approved that 4-Ethylguaiacol can be used as spices in various ways like foodstuff, feed, cosmetic and daily commodities.4-Ethylguaiacol has natural scent derived from natural wood oil, so it can perfume homes. Also, it has the function of antisepsis and deoxidization and prevention of hypersensitive skin. With strong soy scent, 4-Ethylguaiacol can preserve wine and soy sauce for lasting longer without decaying. Yet, it can still remain aromatic even after heating.

Recommended Dosage:
    FEMA (mg/kg) Beverages0.05, ice cream1.1, pudding2.32,wine3, soy sauce 5 and daily commodities2.

    25kg/plastic bucket.

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