Natural  4-Methylcatechol

Other Names 4-Methy1-1, 2-benzenediol
Molecular Formula C7H8O2
Molecular Weight 124.1
Structural Formula


    4-Methylcatechol is white to light brown crystal powder; it is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-explosive and non-flammable. The melting point is from 64℃ to 67℃, the boiling point is 251℃. 4-Methylcatechol is easily dissolved in water, ethanol and aether. 4-Methylcatechol can be sublimated.

Production Method:

    4-Methylcatechol is oxidizing from 4-Methylguaiacol.

Quality standards:
    1. Appearance: white to light brown crystal powder
    2. Content:﹥99%(Chromatography)

    4-Methylcatechol provides with the function of sterilizing and preventing the growth of mildew on photo sensor appliance. It can also be used in the production of apple spices, which also act as an intermediary for some synthetic medicine. It is also highly effective retarders.

    25-kg per carton box.

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